Sunday, 25 March 2007

Wembley is alright

Went to the first Wembley official game to see the U21's draw 3-3 with Italy. Game was OK but it is so difficult to get excited about what is basically just a game of football from my point of view. It's not the same as watching Charlton and getting the emotional buzz of it being 'my' team but all the same we enjoyed the significance of the occasion. The huge arch is not that special in daylight as it is just a load of white tubular steel but at night it look fantastic all light up as we saw from our hotel window on Friday night and I'm sure will add to the atmosphere of night games. Walking to the ground I didn't get the same 'buzz' as approaching the Twin Towers but maybe that will come in time. Inside the facilities were the usual sort you get in the better stadiums. Overpriced with long queues and a struggle to find someone who speaks adequate English. Not the fault of the employee more the fault of the wage structure I would guess. Out of the new stadiums in North London I would say the Emirates is better because of the plusher seats but Wembley is back and will soon establish itself as the top stadium in this country.