Friday, 9 November 2007


Well what a busy old time for the Addicks since my last post. 3 defeats and we are in despair and the moaners were out in force some even saying relegation was on the cards. 2 late winners at Southampton and Bristol respectively have got the boys back on track and people are now talking about Promotion again. I tend to think we will be in a low play off spot come May but, I will be more than happy if we go up automatically.
Charlton plus is now firmly back on air and picking up good vibes from the fans and indeed officials at the club. We hope to get a few more guests as the season goes on after Fans Director Ben Hayes made an appearance last Sunday.
If you are in the Rose of Denmark on Saturday come and say hello. I'm near the big telly near the garden doors 'till around 2pm. You might even get interviewed for Charlton Plus.