Saturday, 7 April 2007

Man City Massives 0 Charlton Athletics 0 also

Left home 7.40am Friday arrived Worthing via Littlehampton 8.30am. Departed on coach to Manchester via Hove and Pease Pottage . Left Manchester 7.36pm to Worthing via Pease Pottage & Hove. Got back into car at Worthing at 1.30am Saturday. Direct to 100 miles from home HQ and in bed at 2.10 pm. 18 1/2 hours to see a 0-0 draw but were we miffed? Oh no siree a point had taken us out of the relegation zone albeit possibly, only temporarily and apart from being totally cream crackered we were all smiling as we waved our fellow travellers on their way. Reading next on Monday and a chance to hear all about the Man City game and look forward to Reading on CHARLTON PLUS on Sunday night at 8 via
C'mon you Reds.
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Sunday, 1 April 2007

Wigan pay the Penalty

Well he played like a muppet for 85 minutes but in the end Dazza Bent did the business and walloped the penalty home that secured another 3 point for the Addicks. In a game that produced so little for the relegation threatened side, the opportunity presented to Charlton's leading scorer was a gift from the Premiership survival gods. HH was bundled over and just in case the ref missed that one Marcus Bent then also got flattened. Wigan boss Paul Jewell had a right old Scouser moan about it but we are used to that now. The inspiration for the pen came after a massive crowd roar greeted the big screen announcement that Sheffield United had gone a goal down at Bolton. Huge well done to the PA box team for doing that and I have a feeling that it would have been my mate Big Dave Lockwood that was responsible. That lifted the team to throw the extra effort in and it could make all the difference come May.
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