Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Que se ra se ra
Whatever will be will be
We're going to To COVENTRY
Que se ra se ra
That was the song sung by my daughter last night as the coffin lid was finally firmly screwed shut on Charlton's Premiership season.
Palace fans gloated although they still finished 1/2 a league lower than us so they can Piss off straight away.
Up to Liverpool Sunday to say ta ra chuck to the Scousers before they head off to Athens to play in the Champs league Final and we head off to Scunthorpe and Hull.
Regrets? We've had a few, but then again to vast to mention,
But through it all, when there was doubt, we hired Les Reed, then Chucked him out.
The record shows, we took the blows, And then blamed DOWwwwwwwwIE.
( And JFH and Talal and HH and Lisbie and and and and and .........................)
Ladies and Gentlemen. Free season ticket stage one completed, Stage 2 anyone?