Saturday, 3 February 2007

Chelsea win but Addicks fight on

Last Saturday Amady Faye was the goalscoring hero. Today he was the Villain having giving the ball away cheaply to the lovely Frank Lampard who belted it into the corner past Carson on 18 Minutes. Faye then went on to miss 2 glorious second half chances as Charlton gave the Champions a bit of a scare. It was good to see Faye trying his damndest to influence the game and he should at least be applauded for that fact. Marcus Bent also showed a willingness to chase after lost causes and get stuck in. JFH is just a stropy git who should have been told to piss off when he won a free kick near the end in Talal territory. HH seemed to say the the required words but the Dutchman still decided to tamely lift the ball into his former fans who sang his name in appreciation. Poor Poor Poor player now I'm afraid. Man U next week and we could be adrift again if Wigan get the right results. Bloody Portsmouth decide they are the new Charlton and are determined to have a crap finish to a season that promised so much. Sound familiar.? Anyway a good performance that has lifted the spirits and enough signs to show the team now has some fight for the battle ahead.

Friday, 2 February 2007

Just 2 Points

Chelsea make there way from their Palatial home in West London to working Class Charlton tomorrow for an intriguing London Derby. But just pause a moment. Charlton v a team from west London? That evokes a bad memory for us Addicks.
Steve Artis and Graham '3 yellers' Poll were the 2 incompetent officials the last time we had West Londoners at the Valley.
On that night The Addicks were playing out time in a 2-1 victory over Fulham to give Alan Pardew a perfect start. as the 3rd minute of injury time ticked away Artis decides that Djimi Traore is a 5'6" white man in a white shirt instead of being a 6'3" Black man in a red shirt, an easy mistake from 10 yards away. Pressing the button on his flag ( which I assume is braile ) he alerts Poll to the handball which is in fact made by the Fulham player. Our hero referee then compounds the decision by allowing the Cottagers to take the kick from 20 yards up the pitch and of course they score. Steve Artis is later 'sacked' and Poll apologises. Big deal?, those 2 points would put us level with Wigan in 17th. So yeah it's a big deal. £30 million at least possibly.
Anyway rant over. Chelsea's visit sees Mark Hallsey in charge and he's a good laugh, Maybe he will give a dodgy decision in our favour to make up for Poll but I doubt it.
Prediction 1-1

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Bring on The BIG BOYS

Great point at the Reebok last night weren't it. Talal booted a shot at Jusi and he decides he quite likes us and flapped it into the old onion bag to give us an equaliser. Poor old Kev Nolan sobbed his little innocent heart out over a penalty he should have had when Faye clattered him in the first half. The ref patted his guide dog before waving the appeals away.
So onto our next 2 fixtures. Chelsea on Saturday could see the Pensioners out of the title race if we can get another victory and yes we can do that. Then Old Trafford the week after we could get Chelsea back into it with our first Premiership win over the Red Devils. Out of the 2 the least unlikely is beating Chelsea. Can we do it? Yes, but probably we won't.
Looks like our game against West Ham is going to be a bit tasty dunnit.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Bottom's Up

Blackburn fan Jim
Ooooh Goody. (No not Jade) Wigan and West Ham both lost last night in the mini league known as the relegation battle.
Never mind the title race, it's us teams in the bottom 4 that are really going all out to win the major prize. The winners of the relegation league will receive untold wealth, the losers. in the words of the great comedic genius Jim Bowen, (above) will get B.F.H 'Bus Fare Home'.
(Have you noticed how Jimmy Floyds initials are almost the same? J.F.H maybe the J stands for JET? 'Jet Fare Home' how these players live eh!)
Anyway as I was saying. £30 million quid to be the worst team NEXT season is a fair old incentive wedge for the Addicks. As the team make their way to the Horwich home of Bolton Wanderers tonight they will be in good heart knowing they could could soon be top of the bottom in 17th place. After beating the BBC's favourite Manager and his team twice already this season it should be a stroll in the park for the boys in red shouldn't it?
C'mon you reds

Monday, 29 January 2007

Murray The Merciless

Just add the beard and Tash and the Chairman is Ming the Merciless

Richard Murray has earned the right to make decisions about Charlton Athletic that we charlton fans should respect and trust (OK Dowie and Les were a bit iffy but hey give him a break) Richard has once again spoken out to quash speculation that Darren Bent is leaving and in this case it's Curbs over at West Ham that is looking to stump up a reported 15 million+ of the bickie boys quids to obtain the services of the Addicks' leading scorer. Now It doesn't take a high IQ to work out that we can't sell our top scorer and expect to survive and it would be suicidal to sell him to one of three sides we need to finish above in order to stay up. So stay strong Richard and be merciless in your ambition for the club that has served us all so well. Oh and let's buy Reo Coker from those hamsters just to show 'em that we can play games too.

12 Noon: Mr Murray and Mr Pardew have swooped to secure Alexandre Song from the Arsenal until the end of the season. Read all about it.

Boogie Boy Signs Up

Well we've actually signed him now. Straight into the team up at Bolton? we'll have to wait and see. Look quite good if this is anything to go by. Boogie Boy
I won't be going to Bolton. Once again the idiots who run the Premier league come up with a ridiculous midweek fixture list which sees the likes of Liverpool travelling to West Ham while we go the other way to Bolton. It seems geography is not a strong point at Premiership HQ. Why can't they sort these fixtures out for Saturdays at 3pm - No chance because they don't give a flying fig leaf about the away fans who have to take time of work as well as pay a fortune to follow their teams. No I won't be there. What's more with a new mortgage to pay each month I am knocking on the head anything this season that is in the North West which is basically all our away games except Watford. I may go to Anfield if we need to get something to stay up but otherwise I'll keep my hard earned in the old sky rocket. I doubt I have missed more than 10 Charlton games in the last 10 years but Sky schedules and ridiculous pricing have finally decimated my involvement as a fan.
5pm: See I told ya bloody sky have just decided to show Man City away on PPV . Do they care that people from Charlton will have organised their trip for the original 2.30 KO ? No of course not. Oh well at least I can watch the game on the telly rather than a dodgy PC screen now
Next season it will be just the season ticket and odd away game if we are in the Premier and Season ticket and more away games if it's the fizzy pops.