Thursday, 13 September 2007


During the summer the tank in our loft split and the upper part of the house was extensively damaged. During the last week we have had the builders in pulling down ceilings and re-plastering up new ones. Major disruption to the 100 miles household as I'm sure you can appreciate. I also work from home so my office is in my front room and our main bedroom which avoided the water is packed to the ceiling with everything from the damaged rooms.
Next week the decorators are in to re decorate all the rooms and even then nothing will get back to normal until the carpets arrive. Why am I telling you all this? Well Charlton Plus has been off air as my home studio has effectively been shoved in boxes and won't be coming back out until all the work is done. This is very annoying as our audience has grown enormously and in Internet radio terms, is very healthy. Hopefully we will be back on air on Sunday week or the week after at the latest.
Since my last post we have progressed into the 3rd round of the League Cup and beaten 'That Lot' at the glorifed shed in Norwood. Actually it's not even glorified. Poor old Simes has been a bit quiet on the subject since hasn't he - Shame. See some of you at Colchester on Saturday I hope. At least no one will be saying 'Si Darn' in our section.