Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I've been a bit quiet on this blog lately so apologies to both of the regular readers. Lots of time spent working to pay for season tickets etc so hopefully you will forgive the lack of comments since the City game. Reading saw us get a draw and Everton really twisted the knife to deny us a point with that late winner. I've been rather pissed off at the amount of negativity that I've heard since that defeat with some people saying that we are doomed. That is total cobblers and a win against Sheffield United on Saturday could see us go 15Th if results over the next few days go our way. Roehampton Addick has the right idea as well as the facts and figures so have a butchers now.
As I said I've only got 2 readers so this next bit might be a bit ambitious: I need to know that this blog is appreciated as much as I want it to be so I am aiming to get 100 comments on today's entry. It doesn't matter what the comment is and it doesn't even have to be relevant so, hit the comment link and help me hit 100 comments and show how much you care.