Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Thank goodness that's over

To be honest I'm glad the season has finished. The trip to Anfield on Sunday was one I have made many times and is definitely one of the best days out in the Premiership. However the drive home was really draining because of the weather and I won't miss the motorways at the weekend during the next few months. I'm really looking forward to no football getting in the way of my weekends and doing a few other things. Taking in the odd game of Cricket maybe with my good friend Frankie Valley. Or a game or 2 of golf on a Saturday afternoon. You see Charlton do tend to rule my life for 9 months of the year so I think I deserve a break. No Charlton Plus Radio no long away trips and no 200 mile round trips to the Valley, that's it Closed for business 'till August. The missus is the same. No Portsmouth FC to clog up the summer for her. Bank accounts in the black instead of the red - Bliss. Have a good Summer everyone, I'll be back in August (Unless something riveting happens I want to mention of course.) Bye for now.