Saturday, 21 July 2007

Is it safe to come out yet?

Lots of activity in the transfer market has meant Charlton will have a new look team in the Championship. Best news came on Friday when I got a text from CAFC telling me that Denis had gone to Ajax. Good riddance Romm - despite that goal in the last minute you were a waste of space. Shame Dazza went to Spurs. I want him to succeed at WHL but that means Spurs might be successful too and no one wants that surely. The other Bent is still here though so that's good news?
The players coming in could give us an entertaining season but to be honest I haven't missed football one little bit during the summer and I'm finding it hard to get pumped up for the visit of Scunthorpe for our first game. It wouldn't have made much difference if ManU had been the first game, I am getting more disillusioned with our game each season. The season ticket has arrived and will be used but football is dropping down my list of priorities as each season goes by.