Friday, 9 February 2007

I lost 9 pounds

This new slimming regime has started working already. No sooner had I walked through the door than I had lost 9 pounds. Kerchinnngggggg straight into the till. Oh well I've started now and it's with your encouragement that I hope to lose 140 pounds all told. Yes 10 STONE That's 3lb a week up to the end of the year.
Now I've tried all this before and failed so I need you all to keep telling me how lovely I'm looking and how proud you all are just to keep me on the straight and narrow. The gorgeous Mrs 100 miles from home has joined up too, just to keep me interested and to share my pain you understand. (Her target is a little more conservative than mine)
Good luck to everyone travelling to Old Trafford tomorrow. A draw would be great - a win would be dreamland. In reality our season kicks of in 2 weeks time. Bring it on Curbs.
Now where did I leave that diet Lager....................................................................

Thursday, 8 February 2007

I TOLD YA But did you listen OH NO!

Well what a pile of crap that was. As predicted the England Spain game was as dull as ditch water. Why do they bother?. Why do WE bother?. It was Toilet.
According to Frankie Valley, Graham Taylor was the star on 5 live. Shame I missed that too.
No snow here on the South coast but I am venturing up north to Guildford this lunchtime so I will have a shovel, a flask of tea and a blanket ready just in case. It will be just like the East Stand at the Valley apart from the shovel of course!
How's this for a laugh. I'm rejoining Slimming World tonight. Did it a few years back and lost quite a bit of bulk but, some of you will have noticed I've put a little bit back on so ....... "let's go for it again" I said. I will update you all as time goes by.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

International match - Oh Brilliant!!!!

England - What's that all about then? Apparently England have a friendly against Spain tomorrow night at Old Trafford. Will this be worth 2 hours of my life? Watching our heroes stroll through a meaningless friendly is not to exciting is it. Coronation Street is on ITV so that will kill half an hour for starters. That's how dull I expect it all to be.
Charlton also visit Old Trafford on Saturday, as we continue the fight for Premiership survival. I'm not going for reasons I've explained elsewhere but I reckon we could do well to get Nil. If we do then then let's hope The United machine get Nil as well and earn us a point.
Gary Neville is an obnoxious git on the football field isn't he. which brings us back to boring International games. He will be playing on Wednesday night and Saturday. Luckily I will miss both.