Saturday, 27 January 2007

The Oscars

Now I'm not much of a film buff. In fact the thought of sitting in a dark room for 2 hours with the rustle of toffee wrappers and the dregs of a KIA Ora drink being sucked through a straw frankly fills me with dread. The last film I saw was that girlie flick with Hugh Grant and Rene Whatserface. What I pile of poo that was. Fridgid Jones? ....yeah well, whatever.
Anyway, The Oscars. Lots of films I've never heard of so I don't care who wins. I've heard of Helen Mirren, who played the queen in something, is up for one so that's alright then. Rest assured I won't be staying up to watch the Oscars but it made me think.......
Internet blog Oscars? is there such a thing? I'm sure there must be so I'm going to nominate a blog that is worthy of such an honour.
Nominated in the best blog by a Charlton fan wearing a flasher Mac and Frank Spencer beret category please welcome FRANKIE VALLEY. This blog is Witty and informative and yet it still manages to exude an air of total indifference to the world of Charlton Athletic. Regular contributors in the comment section make it a must see every day for Addicks fans.
So there we have it. Blog Oscars it must be better than some tart in a frock blubbing into a mic' after picking up something 12 inches and made of gold. To quote Frankie - 'I'm right aren't I ?'

Friday, 26 January 2007


Well rumour has it that we are about to sign a player from Sheffield Wednesday. He sounds like he might be the king of the swingers - a Charlton VIP, Will he reach the top? Well probably not but that's not bothering me. OK poor effort at being funny but. A. It's the end of the week B. I've had an OK week at work and earned some sausage C. It's my blog so it's only me that looks at it anyway. My lovely wife and eldest daughter are off to Old Trafford tomorrow to cheer on Pompey in the FA Cup. I of course will be at home doing very little except wondering how lil ol Forest KO'd the mighty Addicks in Rd 3. Ho Hum

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Busy doing Nothing

Well it looks like my week will have peaked at Aldershot on Monday night as far as CAFC is concerned. Having watched the reserves thrash table topping Chelsea 1-0 at the recreation ground in the freezing cold, nothing since then. No signings to talk about, no new manager, Nothing. With still 10 whole days until the Chelsea first team prance out at the Valley what the heck will there be to talk about and do? So what will I fill my day with today? Well work has gone deathly quiet so I'm not earning any commission today. I've got a new phone line going in for the FAX machine. This means waiting in between 1-6pm for the bloke who plugs in the wires. Scandalous innit. So It's a day of trawling my database trying to drum up a bit of business and then waiting for the doorbell to ring. C'mon Charlton sign someone this is getting dull. TTFN 9pm. Managed to drum up some business today and for tomorrow so my post for tomorrow won't appear until late in the day. I hope Charlton don't sign anyone, I'd hate to miss the chance to comment straight away.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

The bright side of life

Some things in life are bad, They can really make you mad, Other things can make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't worry give a whistle and things will always turn out for the best. You would be forgiven if this famous Monty Python ditty had emanated from your North and South after after a pretty dismal season for the Addicks to date. Always look on the bright side of life - are there any bright points? Well we are a mere 4 points of safety or 2 wins and we still have to play West Ham and Wigan at home, 2 of the teams we have to rise above, as well as Watford away who have only won twice all season. Add to that home matches against Spurs, Newcastle, Reading and Sheffield United and you would hope that a few points may be coming our way. Chelsea are likely to beat us at home and I can only see us getting the odd point (apart from a win at Watford), on our travels. Most of our remaining away games are in the North West where we played crap even when we weren't crap like we are this season. Maybe a point at Everton and Man City but not much else. So what does that add up to? I hear you say. In terms of points? 38 I reckon - will that be enough? Maybe - it depends how crap West Ham and Wigan are or maybe Sheffield Utd will get dragged back in. I said a while ago that I thought 36 points would survive - It would be nice if we stayed up at Anfield on the last day but I'd rather we didn't have to. Hope springs Eternal. Well a bonus 3 points at Fratton Park has certainly raised all our hopes. I expected us to get well beaten especially as my Missus is a Pompey fan and we live just north of the city. Amady Faye's late strike means that we are now just 3 points and a few goals off 17th place and Everton did us a huge favour by beating Wigan .It's a tough 3 games to come where we probably won't get much BUT we have beaten Bolton twice already this season. Chelsea regard us as their bogey team and they have a few problems and surely we will beat Man U in the premiership one day why not during this run. 9 points it is then. What was all the fuss about?