Sunday, 22 April 2007

WILEY FOX it up and a point is all we get

Hold on luv not yet.
After just missing out on my 100 comments target in my last post by only 80 I thought I'd throw in the towel and post again so that you can ignore this one instead.
Yesterday Charlton only drew with Sheffield United. The referee A.Wiley lowered himself to the standards we have come to expect of a Premiership ref' and the game became a personal crusade for him to get noticed. I like Alan Wiley and think he is a good official but yesterday he seemed to referee with a bias towards the Blades as though he feared the wrath of the best moaner in the league Mr Neil Warnock. Would we have won if Wiley had actually refereed the game more evenly ? probably not but it would have been nice to see the cards that were given to Charlton players given to United players who made similar 'errors'. The main reason we drew yesterday was the woeful performance of Thomas and Ambrose, 2 of my favourite players, who seemed to get lost in the importance of the game and made too many wrong decisions. Dennis was OK but still hasn't convinced me he is any good. We will get out of it? Yes I think we will. Spurs at home will probably give us the best chance of a win and our support at Blackburn may encourage the boys to give us a win at Ewood park. Look out Fulham. Don't relax Wigan and Sheff Utd. The Fat lady ain't even warmed up yet.
See you all at Ewood


Ken Jennings said...

Way to go Brian ! Now if only the players would share that belief, learn from that non-performance, stop hiding like scardey-cats, and make you right !

marco se7 said...

I did try to leave a comment for your 100 attempt. when I checked later it hadn't shown up!
Perhaps the other 14 000 had a similar experience.
Blame it on a software error.
See you at Ewood

Oggy Red said...

Are some professional referees so lily-livered they fear the wrath of a hot-headed manager?

Neil Warnock was glowing in his praise for Alan Wiley, after Saturday's game.

24,000 Addicks know why.....