Thursday, 25 January 2007

Busy doing Nothing

Well it looks like my week will have peaked at Aldershot on Monday night as far as CAFC is concerned. Having watched the reserves thrash table topping Chelsea 1-0 at the recreation ground in the freezing cold, nothing since then. No signings to talk about, no new manager, Nothing. With still 10 whole days until the Chelsea first team prance out at the Valley what the heck will there be to talk about and do? So what will I fill my day with today? Well work has gone deathly quiet so I'm not earning any commission today. I've got a new phone line going in for the FAX machine. This means waiting in between 1-6pm for the bloke who plugs in the wires. Scandalous innit. So It's a day of trawling my database trying to drum up a bit of business and then waiting for the doorbell to ring. C'mon Charlton sign someone this is getting dull. TTFN 9pm. Managed to drum up some business today and for tomorrow so my post for tomorrow won't appear until late in the day. I hope Charlton don't sign anyone, I'd hate to miss the chance to comment straight away.

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