Saturday, 27 January 2007

The Oscars

Now I'm not much of a film buff. In fact the thought of sitting in a dark room for 2 hours with the rustle of toffee wrappers and the dregs of a KIA Ora drink being sucked through a straw frankly fills me with dread. The last film I saw was that girlie flick with Hugh Grant and Rene Whatserface. What I pile of poo that was. Fridgid Jones? ....yeah well, whatever.
Anyway, The Oscars. Lots of films I've never heard of so I don't care who wins. I've heard of Helen Mirren, who played the queen in something, is up for one so that's alright then. Rest assured I won't be staying up to watch the Oscars but it made me think.......
Internet blog Oscars? is there such a thing? I'm sure there must be so I'm going to nominate a blog that is worthy of such an honour.
Nominated in the best blog by a Charlton fan wearing a flasher Mac and Frank Spencer beret category please welcome FRANKIE VALLEY. This blog is Witty and informative and yet it still manages to exude an air of total indifference to the world of Charlton Athletic. Regular contributors in the comment section make it a must see every day for Addicks fans.
So there we have it. Blog Oscars it must be better than some tart in a frock blubbing into a mic' after picking up something 12 inches and made of gold. To quote Frankie - 'I'm right aren't I ?'


Frankie Valley said...

100 miles from SE7. Missus supports the Pomps. Hmmmm.

Don't I know you? ;-)

100 miles from home said...

Dunno mate. Have you ever been to Portchester