Sunday, 11 February 2007

All to play for

Great effort by the boys up at Old Trafford. We may have snuck a point but them's the breaks. Although it pains me to say it Mike Reilly had a very good game and Alex Ferguson said we were quite good too. West Ham continue to give Curbs headaches and the result against the Hornets has certainly added a but of spice with the Hertfordshire outfit now just 2 points adrift. Wigan nearly won at Arsenal. Thanks to a couple of dodgy decisions by the ref and lino ( No change there then) Paul Jewell's men were rightly, pig sick at the result. Charlton, West Ham and Watford fans of course, were delighted.
By the end of March we will have played all three teams immediately below or above us and will have a clear idea which league we are most likely to be in next season. It's quite exciting innit.
Lots of people have been asking when I am going to get the CAFC radio show back on air. Well plans are afoot and it is looking likely that we will be back at some point in March so watch this space. I will be looking for guests to join us on the phone and you could even go live on air with your opinions to the world.

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