Friday, 16 February 2007

Pous Off !

I can claim to have seen three great mysteries at Charlton. Carl Leaburn, Karim Bagheri and now some bloke called Pouso. Carl's great mystery was why did he score so few goals then one day, out of the blue, I witness him going out and scoring a hat trick against Ipswich at Portman Road. Next up is the only appearance of the Iranian International, as a substitute , I witness him in a Charlton 1st team shirt and spookily it is at Portman Road Ipswich.
Finally we come to Omar Pouso. On the Official Charlton website you can get profiles of the players along with their picture. The picture for Pouso is replaced with the words "Sorry!We don't have a picture of this player yet" Ironic that. It should say, This bloke has been on the payroll for months but apparently can't be arsed because he is 'Acclimatising' Oh I saw him trot out at the Valley for 5 minutes when we played Portsmouth but that was it. Now he says he wants to bugger off back from whence he came. Bye then - thanks for nothing.
Pouso is not the only thing to disappear lately. My mission to lose 140 pouinds has started well with 8 1/2 pounds shed in my first week. If I keep that up I will have disappeared by Christmas :-)

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