Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Grim up North

Saturday sees us travel to the Southern reaches of Northern England as we make the trip to Vicarage Road to play the bottom team Watford. Apparently Elton John ( That's him playing at the Valley) ,Graham Taylor and John Barnes are no longer at the club and they have installed a Northener called Adrian Bothroyd which is more in line with the club's geographical roots. Talking of routes. The one I am taking on Saturday will be best described as zig zaggy. Leaving the Hampshire coast I will head to Horsham and pick up fellow blogger Frankie Valley at his mansion. From there we move on to Pease Pottage services to board the West Sussex CASC coach and onto the game via Dartford. I hate these long trips up North but there we go - you have to support the boys don't ya.! If we can get another 3 points we really will start believing we can get out of the doo doo. Steve McQueen can start the bike very soon.
I hope to be home to see the highlights on MOTD at around midnight. Wonder if old Lineker will describe the game as a London Derby? . You know what he's like when it comes to Geography.

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Ken Jennings said...

I watched MOTD (first time for many moons) after the West Ham game and got so P'd off I came close to hurling the TV out of the hotel window. No credit to Charlton whatsoever and all about West Ham's weakness. I guess that's no surprise to you lot over there but it's now Thursday and I have just started unclenching my teeth ! (Clenching works really well for a diet, Brian )