Sunday, 25 February 2007

Nice, Very nice indeed

The day started in the Rose of Denmark, (well I say started having got there 3 hours after leaving home), and the atmosphere was buoyant. The stroll along the Woolwich Road saw me bumping into fellow Blogger FRANKIE VALLEY for whom I had a gift handed to me by Canadian based Addick, Ken. A feast of Canadian salmon safely in Mr Valley's pocket off he toddled with his son in tow.
Onto the game and what a game. 3 up by half time, the crowd singing their little hearts out. By the time JT added his second and Charlton's 4th even the poor old Hammers fans were singing Pardew's name. Credit to those away fans though they didn't shut up at all did they.
The Rose after the game was great fun- we even found an Alan Pardew Lookalike and sang '2 Alan Pardews' 'There's only 2 Alan Pardews'. I got the highlights up on the massive 2 1/2" screen on my mobile and we enjoyed the goals once more.
There's a long way to go but mid table obscurity is now looking possible Watford next week and then home games against Newcastle and Wigan. It could happen I tell ya, It could just happen.
PS Oi Lineker Charlton is not in EAST London any more than Leicester City is in Nottingham. PLONKER

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