Thursday, 8 February 2007

I TOLD YA But did you listen OH NO!

Well what a pile of crap that was. As predicted the England Spain game was as dull as ditch water. Why do they bother?. Why do WE bother?. It was Toilet.
According to Frankie Valley, Graham Taylor was the star on 5 live. Shame I missed that too.
No snow here on the South coast but I am venturing up north to Guildford this lunchtime so I will have a shovel, a flask of tea and a blanket ready just in case. It will be just like the East Stand at the Valley apart from the shovel of course!
How's this for a laugh. I'm rejoining Slimming World tonight. Did it a few years back and lost quite a bit of bulk but, some of you will have noticed I've put a little bit back on so ....... "let's go for it again" I said. I will update you all as time goes by.


Anonymous said...

Didn't here of any injuries to United players either. These Spanish team are soft, it should have been Uraguay.
(Might catch sight of Pouso on a footy pitch too).

Frankie Valley said...

Looks like we wont be needing to extend the Valley after all then, Brian. Reg will be pleased. Anyway, best of luck to you. Dont mind me with my half-time ginsters whilst your sucking on a stick of celery.... ;-)

Ken J said...

IN that case, Brian, please wear something conspicuous - say, Red - in case I do not recognise your new look on Saturday week.

100 miles from home said...

Saturday week?. That's next weekend Ken? Hope you mean the weekend after otherwise you could be very lonely in the RoD.
In case you did mean the weekend after then I'll be the one with a diet coke - hope that helps