Tuesday, 6 February 2007

International match - Oh Brilliant!!!!

England - What's that all about then? Apparently England have a friendly against Spain tomorrow night at Old Trafford. Will this be worth 2 hours of my life? Watching our heroes stroll through a meaningless friendly is not to exciting is it. Coronation Street is on ITV so that will kill half an hour for starters. That's how dull I expect it all to be.
Charlton also visit Old Trafford on Saturday, as we continue the fight for Premiership survival. I'm not going for reasons I've explained elsewhere but I reckon we could do well to get Nil. If we do then then let's hope The United machine get Nil as well and earn us a point.
Gary Neville is an obnoxious git on the football field isn't he. which brings us back to boring International games. He will be playing on Wednesday night and Saturday. Luckily I will miss both.


Anonymous said...

Worth a watch in case any number of United players get kicked/injured. Wales are playing but Giggs doesn't play in friendlies.

With a bit of luck we can get enough injured we might have a chance of holding them to a 4-0 defeat.

100 miles from home said...

Ah you see I didn't think of that. C'mon Spain kick those United players where it hurts. :-)

Anonymous said...

Except Neville that is - I don't mind him playing on Saturday.

I'm thinking we can exploit his lack of pace on that wing.

Or, maybe Neville will be tired after playing midweek and we can expose his fitness.

So who's up against him for us - Andy Reid you say, erm, who's got plan C.