Saturday, 10 March 2007

The FA Cup. What's that all about then.? Another Saturday with no football for our heroes from the Valley. Next Sunday will see Newcastle come to town for a 1.30 pm KO. The Geordies will be leaving their homes at about 4am deep joy for them. I'm not going to say anything much else about football today save to say Charlton Plus is on at 8pm and we won't have anything to talk about so it could be fun. Give us a call on 0208 123 9377 or SKYPE to charltonplus if you want to contribute to the show or email the studio here .
Fellow Blogger Roehampton Addick has had a moan to say there is no link to his site on here so I've now added it - Happy Now?
If anyone else want a link just ask and it will be considered for inclusion


Dave said...

Can you email me at as I have an invite for you to an event at the Valley

Roehampton Addick said...

I suppose that'll do.