Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Jim Davidson Top Geezer

Well at least we got a point and if Lisbie was a striker we might have got 3. Still in touch with the Massives and Sheff Utd so watch This space.
Went and saw my mate Jim Davidson doing a gig in Fareham last night. Usual Politically Incorrect stuff but a damn good laugh just the same. Some journalist will not doubt spout about it being racist and anti disabled but to be honest I don't believe it is. PC is doing more harm than good in this country in my opinion and Jim has the balls to get up and say what a lot of us are thinking.
Humour is humour whether you are black, white able bodied or disabled. The joke is usually on the racist or person who is discriminating against the disabled person anyway if you think about it.
A great story was of the blind guy who sat in the front row at a previous gig. Jim asked if he was blind and the guy said 'yeah' How do you know I was talking to you? says Jim. :-)
'Why you sitting down the front '? The blind guy replies ' Cos the wife's a bit Deaf.
The support act was good too. Visit Jim's website for tour dates.

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