Monday, 29 January 2007

Boogie Boy Signs Up

Well we've actually signed him now. Straight into the team up at Bolton? we'll have to wait and see. Look quite good if this is anything to go by. Boogie Boy
I won't be going to Bolton. Once again the idiots who run the Premier league come up with a ridiculous midweek fixture list which sees the likes of Liverpool travelling to West Ham while we go the other way to Bolton. It seems geography is not a strong point at Premiership HQ. Why can't they sort these fixtures out for Saturdays at 3pm - No chance because they don't give a flying fig leaf about the away fans who have to take time of work as well as pay a fortune to follow their teams. No I won't be there. What's more with a new mortgage to pay each month I am knocking on the head anything this season that is in the North West which is basically all our away games except Watford. I may go to Anfield if we need to get something to stay up but otherwise I'll keep my hard earned in the old sky rocket. I doubt I have missed more than 10 Charlton games in the last 10 years but Sky schedules and ridiculous pricing have finally decimated my involvement as a fan.
5pm: See I told ya bloody sky have just decided to show Man City away on PPV . Do they care that people from Charlton will have organised their trip for the original 2.30 KO ? No of course not. Oh well at least I can watch the game on the telly rather than a dodgy PC screen now
Next season it will be just the season ticket and odd away game if we are in the Premier and Season ticket and more away games if it's the fizzy pops.

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