Saturday, 3 February 2007

Chelsea win but Addicks fight on

Last Saturday Amady Faye was the goalscoring hero. Today he was the Villain having giving the ball away cheaply to the lovely Frank Lampard who belted it into the corner past Carson on 18 Minutes. Faye then went on to miss 2 glorious second half chances as Charlton gave the Champions a bit of a scare. It was good to see Faye trying his damndest to influence the game and he should at least be applauded for that fact. Marcus Bent also showed a willingness to chase after lost causes and get stuck in. JFH is just a stropy git who should have been told to piss off when he won a free kick near the end in Talal territory. HH seemed to say the the required words but the Dutchman still decided to tamely lift the ball into his former fans who sang his name in appreciation. Poor Poor Poor player now I'm afraid. Man U next week and we could be adrift again if Wigan get the right results. Bloody Portsmouth decide they are the new Charlton and are determined to have a crap finish to a season that promised so much. Sound familiar.? Anyway a good performance that has lifted the spirits and enough signs to show the team now has some fight for the battle ahead.

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