Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Bottom's Up

Blackburn fan Jim
Ooooh Goody. (No not Jade) Wigan and West Ham both lost last night in the mini league known as the relegation battle.
Never mind the title race, it's us teams in the bottom 4 that are really going all out to win the major prize. The winners of the relegation league will receive untold wealth, the losers. in the words of the great comedic genius Jim Bowen, (above) will get B.F.H 'Bus Fare Home'.
(Have you noticed how Jimmy Floyds initials are almost the same? J.F.H maybe the J stands for JET? 'Jet Fare Home' how these players live eh!)
Anyway as I was saying. £30 million quid to be the worst team NEXT season is a fair old incentive wedge for the Addicks. As the team make their way to the Horwich home of Bolton Wanderers tonight they will be in good heart knowing they could could soon be top of the bottom in 17th place. After beating the BBC's favourite Manager and his team twice already this season it should be a stroll in the park for the boys in red shouldn't it?
C'mon you reds

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