Thursday, 1 February 2007

Bring on The BIG BOYS

Great point at the Reebok last night weren't it. Talal booted a shot at Jusi and he decides he quite likes us and flapped it into the old onion bag to give us an equaliser. Poor old Kev Nolan sobbed his little innocent heart out over a penalty he should have had when Faye clattered him in the first half. The ref patted his guide dog before waving the appeals away.
So onto our next 2 fixtures. Chelsea on Saturday could see the Pensioners out of the title race if we can get another victory and yes we can do that. Then Old Trafford the week after we could get Chelsea back into it with our first Premiership win over the Red Devils. Out of the 2 the least unlikely is beating Chelsea. Can we do it? Yes, but probably we won't.
Looks like our game against West Ham is going to be a bit tasty dunnit.

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Roehampton Addick said...

My old boss, a Man Utd fan, has offered to buy me several drinks if we manage to beat Chel$ski! Looks like John Terry will be back for them, but how fit will he be?