Friday, 2 February 2007

Just 2 Points

Chelsea make there way from their Palatial home in West London to working Class Charlton tomorrow for an intriguing London Derby. But just pause a moment. Charlton v a team from west London? That evokes a bad memory for us Addicks.
Steve Artis and Graham '3 yellers' Poll were the 2 incompetent officials the last time we had West Londoners at the Valley.
On that night The Addicks were playing out time in a 2-1 victory over Fulham to give Alan Pardew a perfect start. as the 3rd minute of injury time ticked away Artis decides that Djimi Traore is a 5'6" white man in a white shirt instead of being a 6'3" Black man in a red shirt, an easy mistake from 10 yards away. Pressing the button on his flag ( which I assume is braile ) he alerts Poll to the handball which is in fact made by the Fulham player. Our hero referee then compounds the decision by allowing the Cottagers to take the kick from 20 yards up the pitch and of course they score. Steve Artis is later 'sacked' and Poll apologises. Big deal?, those 2 points would put us level with Wigan in 17th. So yeah it's a big deal. £30 million at least possibly.
Anyway rant over. Chelsea's visit sees Mark Hallsey in charge and he's a good laugh, Maybe he will give a dodgy decision in our favour to make up for Poll but I doubt it.
Prediction 1-1

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